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Our mission :

Increase inclusion of vulnerable people and those living with disability through high social impact products and services


Since its inception, the AMH Group has been fostering the inclusion of physically impaired people and their medical assistance.

We quickly understood that dealing with this issue implies adopting a holistic approach.  Physical handicap not only implies stiff consequences on health and mobility: it also has a deep impact on the economic and social situation of the individual.

The founders of the NGO were driven by the will to fill in the huge (public and private) institutional void that existed in the early 1990s. The issue of handicap was a green field, thus everything had to be done. The best possible way to promote the rights of our beneficiaries went (and still goes today) through showcasing successful projects that aimed at creating products and services to promote a holistic inclusion (social, economic and professional) of our beneficiaries.

Designing and implementing impact-orientated projects has been our modus operandi since then, aiming at influencing our direct external environment.

In most cases, we were pioneers, which provided with a huge liability: our success rallied other actors, thus enhancing the impact of our action for the greater good.

In this line of thought, the Groupe AMH had to face the total absence of relevant and adequate infrastructure, among which, healthcare facilities (i.e. rehabilitation centers). Social inclusion is strongly bounded to the physical autonomy of the individual.  Hence, the idea to build and manage the first rehabilitation center in Morocco, the “Noor Center”, which has now been running for 14 years and boasts capacity of 80 beds.  It is also the biggest center of the kind in Africa, and the only one in North Africa.

Challenges were growing as long as the project proved its efficiency and economic viability.

As far as developing countries are concerned, there is a strong correlation between poverty and handicap: the lack of medical care prevents any further economic inclusion. The Groupe AMH has thus created its own healthcare insurance for destitute people in need for physical reeducation, through a cross-subsidy mechanism. We successfully managed to democratize our services in the Casablanca region where we are located.

One key-factor to implement such an innovative system lies in our ability to convince insurance companies to extend their policy on medical services that concern physically impaired people. We also need public actors to develop either complementary facilities/services or enhance our investing capacity through public subsidies. This implies hours of negotiations, public advocacy and lobbying, to create a conducive environment for our pioneering products and services.

The Noor Center is for the Groupe AMH a complete case on how to carry out a successful project, influence the whole ecosystem and promote a cause while having concrete impact on the ground.

We today run 6 other ongoing projects and companies seeking high social and economic impact, based on a social entrepreneurship model.




Consultative status with the Economic and social Council of the UNO ; Consultative member of council of Human Rights in Morocco ; of local and regional committees of INDH ; de l’Organisation Mondiale des Personnes Handicapées